A Kicker Tournament under the A380 – The Importance of Employee Events for Employer Branding

Lufthansa is currently setting an example by organizing a multi-day event in a hangar next to its flagship aircraft, the Airbus A380. Employee events play a crucial role in building and strengthening a company’s employer branding. By creating positive experiences and connections between employees and the company, these events help position the company as an attractive employer. Here are some reasons why employee events are important for employer branding:



  1. Positive employee experiences: Employee events provide an opportunity for employees to get to know the company outside of the normal work environment and have positive experiences. When employees enjoy such events and feel appreciated, they are more likely to share it within their social circles and recommend the company as an attractive employer.
  2. Strengthening the sense of belonging: Employee events promote team spirit and collaboration among employees. When employees feel like part of a strong community within the company, they are more likely to take pride in working for the company and demonstrate it outwardly.
  3. Attractiveness to potential applicants: When a company regularly organizes employee events and highlights them in its employer brand, it sends a message to potential applicants. It shows that the company cares about the well-being and engagement of its employees, which is an appealing factor for many job seekers.
  4. Differentiation from competitors: In an increasingly competitive job market, offering employee events can be a distinguishing factor for a company. It demonstrates that the company goes beyond the norm to create a positive work environment.

In summary, employee events can have a positive impact on employer branding. By creating positive employee experiences, strengthening the sense of belonging, making the company attractive to applicants, and differentiating it from competitors, they contribute to enhancing the company’s reputation as an employer.

Therefore, companies should recognize the importance of employee events for their employer branding and strategically integrate them into their talent marketing activities.

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