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The Recruitment Status Update to 2023

Recruiting skilled workers is an ever-growing problem in Germany. This is partly due to demographic trends, which are leading to a shortage of workers. However, there are also structural problems in the German labor market that contribute to companies having difficulty finding qualified employees.

A major problem here can be traced back to the lack of flexibility in the labor market. In Germany, there are many rigid work rules that make it difficult for employers to respond quickly to changes. For example, terminations are difficult and expensive, which can make employers reluctant to hire new employees. Rigid working hours are also a barrier to recruiting skilled workers, as many employees are looking for flexible working hours to better balance their work and personal lives.

Another problem is the lack of attractiveness of occupations in certain sectors. There is a shortage of qualified workers in technical professions in particular. On the one hand, there are too few young people interested in a career in technology. On the other hand, there is also a high turnover of workers who leave Germany to find better working conditions and career opportunities in other countries.

To solve these problems, politicians and companies must act together. Policymakers must create more flexible work rules. Companies should improve their working conditions and better train and retain their employees to reduce fluctuation. In addition, companies should also improve their image and invest more in vocational training to get young people interested in technical professions.

Overall, the recruitment of skilled workers in Germany requires a comprehensive solution supported by policymakers, companies and society as a whole.